My Poetry


The pain withers through my veinsThere is no escaping There is no mending the weaving painVein to veinMy blood cripples as I bleed through my sheetsI'm falling, failingSlowly dyingNot dying fast enoughThe pain is like electricity burning a hole through my fleshI'm on the surface of falling to my deathI deserve no such thingThe pain… Continue reading Veins

My Poetry

Sometimes things don’t work out

Sometimes things don't work outSometimes the people close to us disappoint usSometimes we are made to feel like we are not worth anyone's timeSometimes we get shattered by our friends, our familySometimes we get over itSometimes we don'tSometimes we say enough is enoughSometimes we leave it beSometimes we are so hurt that we want to… Continue reading Sometimes things don’t work out

My Poetry

We will always win

The way we sleep upon these cloudsWith withering aches in our bonesNothing is too soft enoughNothing will live up to the expectations of our dreams Our dreams filled with marshmallows and feathersThe dreams that everybody else livesBut we are more than dreamersWe are fightersBattling the war of our own fleshOur own bloodBut we will always… Continue reading We will always win

Chronic Illness, Chronic Pain, Mental Health

Goals are overrated

Having a job can be a difficult task when you suffer from chronic pain. It may limit your abilities or prevent you from working altogether. Our dreams and career goals often get pushed aside, which can make us feel down and useless. But there is absolutely nothing wrong with having a different path than what… Continue reading Goals are overrated