My Poetry


The pain withers through my veinsThere is no escaping There is no mending the weaving painVein to veinMy blood cripples as I bleed through my sheetsI'm falling, failingSlowly dyingNot dying fast enoughThe pain is like electricity burning a hole through my fleshI'm on the surface of falling to my deathI deserve no such thingThe pain… Continue reading Veins

Chronic Illness, Chronic Pain

Working from home

The amount of times people have told me that I need to be out in the field not working from home. And the amount of times people have suggested other jobs, and asked me if I actually like working from home, as if I'm not successful as if they are judging me. I've been working… Continue reading Working from home

My Poetry

We will always win

The way we sleep upon these cloudsWith withering aches in our bonesNothing is too soft enoughNothing will live up to the expectations of our dreams Our dreams filled with marshmallows and feathersThe dreams that everybody else livesBut we are more than dreamersWe are fightersBattling the war of our own fleshOur own bloodBut we will always… Continue reading We will always win

My Poetry

We Fight To Survive

Everyday we fight to survive We fight to tell the world We fight for others with similarities to ours The fighting will never end Marganalised and weak the world views our bodies Untill we show strength Because strength means normality Strength means the rest of the world Still fighting to survive Because the world doesn’t… Continue reading We Fight To Survive

My Poetry

People’s Opinions Don’t Matter

Everyone says that you're so strongEveryone thinks you have conquered your illnessBecause you’ve lived with it for it so longThat the hardship becomes easier to hideBut when it gets too muchYou can't always be strongYou can't always be capableAnd when you don't feel like hiding your powerWhen you don't feel like being strongYou let it… Continue reading People’s Opinions Don’t Matter

Advocacy, Chronic Pain

Why Having Chronic Pain is a Full-time Job

Having chronic pain is something I wouldn't wish on anyone. Its something that changes peoples lives, it destroys dreams and hopes, it can be the living version of hell, it prevents so many beautiful things, its hard, its so god damn hard. Have you ever had to tell someone you work a part-time job, work… Continue reading Why Having Chronic Pain is a Full-time Job

My Poetry

Make Mistakes

It’s okay to make mistakes They allow me to grow Without them I wouldn't be Who I am today Without the mistakes I have made I would be a lost soul These mistakes have allowed me to become something wonderful Something one in a million Mistakes are what allows me to be unique To be… Continue reading Make Mistakes

Mental Health, Self Care

What is Mindfulness?

What is mindfulness and why do I think its important? Mindfulness is being aware of the present moment and to be entirely present within ourselves. The more we practice mindfulness the more our brain rewires to become more present. It takes practice but its worth it, and eventually it allows us to be mindful in… Continue reading What is Mindfulness?

Advocacy, Chronic Illness, Chronic Pain

Chronic Migraine Awareness- Part of my Story

Today is #shadesformigraine, so I thought I'd share a bit about my story in awareness to this horrible nerological condition, called migraine. I was diagnosed with chronic migraine (CM) in 2014, and have suffered ever since. It's a deliberating illness, that can be disabeling at times. Having this illness has shown me how crule the… Continue reading Chronic Migraine Awareness- Part of my Story

Mental Health, Self Care

Self Care at Home

Everyone needs self care, self care is important no matter who you are. Self care helps your relationship with your self and others, it implements a healthy life style, and allows for self love, self acceptance and self awareness, which are all ready important. Without self care, you might become run down, fatigued, mentally exhausted… Continue reading Self Care at Home