My Poetry


The pain withers through my veins
There is no escaping
There is no mending the weaving pain
Vein to vein
My blood cripples as I bleed through my sheets
I’m falling, failing
Slowly dying
Not dying fast enough
The pain is like electricity burning a hole through my flesh
I’m on the surface of falling to my death
I deserve no such thing
The pain I feel should belong to no one
Not even my closest enemy
My veins do not stop bleeding for life
Life continues as I constantly fail
Invisible blood pours out as I’m living life
Painfully, but no one can tell
I’ve endured this pain so much that I’ve become accustomed to the blood bath
To the burning of my flesh
I deserve to have the pain disappear into the darkness
I deserve a life without pain
I deserve, for once, that the universe puts me first

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