My Poetry

Sometimes things don’t work out

Sometimes things don’t work out
Sometimes the people close to us disappoint us
Sometimes we are made to feel like we are not worth anyone’s time
Sometimes we get shattered by our friends, our family
Sometimes we get over it
Sometimes we don’t
Sometimes we say enough is enough
Sometimes we leave it be
Sometimes we are so hurt that we want to leave everyone and everything behind
Sometimes we get a temper based on pure rejection
Sometimes we fight
Sometimes we let people walk over us
Sometimes we understand why the people we love hurt us
Sometimes there is no excuse
Sometimes we can’t let go of people because they are our only friends and we don’t want to let them go because if we let them go we will be alone and when we’re alone we get sad, we cry, we have no hope, we can’t let go of our friends who make us hurt because they are good people just not all the time and we see the good in them majority of the time, but when they stab us in the back we want to leave them to keep ourselves safe but it’s hard because we don’t want to be alone

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