My Poetry

People’s Opinions Don’t Matter

Everyone says that you’re so strong
Everyone thinks you have conquered your illness
Because you’ve lived with it for it so long
That the hardship becomes easier to hide
But when it gets too much
You can’t always be strong
You can’t always be capable
And when you don’t feel like hiding your power
When you don’t feel like being strong
You let it go for a day
You show your weak side for a change
There’s nothing wrong with it
But someone thinks there is
You’re not allowed to be weak
You’re not allowed to show your worn out body
Because its negative
Because you are meant to be strong
Because you are meant to be an inspiration

This is absolutely wrong.


1 thought on “People’s Opinions Don’t Matter”

  1. Totally agree, living up to peoples expectation is both unnecessary and debilitating. It takes inner strength to be unafraid to show your weakness


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