Chronic Illness, Mental Health, Self Care

Everyone has a different path in life.

Having a chronic illness can postpone goals, hopes and dreams people have that they wish to accomplish by a certain time in their lives. I’m here to tell you that there is nothing to be ashamed of if you haven’t reached these goals. I get it, the world is competitive, but that doesn’t mean you need to be. So what if you haven’t started your dream job, so what if you still live with your parents, so what if you’re unable to work or study. Its okay to do what you’re doing now.

I use to think I had to start a career straight after I finished my university degree, and with that career I would buy a house and start a new and exciting life. The path I use to want isn’t the path I’m on now. Sure, sometimes I think about it and its a bit disappointing, but I had to change my mindset and realise that what I’m doing now, in the present moment is okay.

Its important to acknowledge that there is a lot of pressure in the world, to achieve certain things at certain ages. Social media for example, you may not realise the pressure, but its one of the main culprits. You can see where people are with their lives through Facebook and Instagram ect. Whilst its a beautiful thing, to share and see moments with the people you love, even people you use to know, it can be overwhelming. Seeing people build houses, getting married, and having babies, its a wonderful thing, but it can cause a sense of pressure by making you think things like: ‘why don’t I have enough money to buy a house’, ‘I haven’t even found a partner’, ‘should I be having babies right now?’, ‘I’m a failure, because I should be doing all these things’. Whatever your thoughts are, you need to change your mindset, because it will end up consuming you.

Each individual is different, there is no right age to reach a certain goal.

Disclaimer: This post is meant for educational and advocacy purposes. Please speak with your own medical professionals if you wish to change something with your treatment plan. This should not be substituted for medical advice.


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