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Lets advocate, support, educate and be there for each other. Learn about chronic illnesses, including chronic pain and mental health. Start your journey through self love and self acceptance. Remember you are not alone.

How Pain Can Be Positive

Did you know there are some positive aspects about pain? You wouldn’t think there is right. Its about changing your mindset to see the positive sides in the not so pretty things in life. Whilst pain can be a terrible thing, it allows you to see things other people can’t. It allows you to truly… Continue reading How Pain Can Be Positive

Advocating For Yourself

When it comes to having a mental health condition/ chronic illness, it can become a challenge to have medical professionals take you seriously. Especially if you have an invisible illness. Unfortunately there are many medical professionals out there who don’t listen, and see themselves as having too much power that they belittle the client. I… Continue reading Advocating For Yourself

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